Tour Day 1

The Westminster Choir tour has officially begun! We’ve arrived at our first destination, Cincinnati, Ohio after a full day of bus travel. Now that we’re settled, we’re looking forward to digging into our program with local high school workshops tomorrow, followed by our first tour concert on Friday night. After a much needed winter break these last two weeks, we are certainly eager to continue sharing our program and delving into its meaning as an ensemble.

We met at Westminster again on Tuesday the 3rd, a full-day rehearsal, and it was really nice for us to reconnect without the burden of academic stress. I, for one, felt very well rested and ready to sing. It was very interesting to approach our tour music again having already performed it, and having taken a break from it during the last month of the semester. People often advise when writing, painting, or doing anything that’s really intensive and creatively rigorous to step away in order to keep a continuously fresh artistic perspective and to simply not burn out. Doing exactly this with our tour repertoire enabled us to flush out more detail and to even reconsider some of the artistic choices that had been intuitively established in our first round of performances. Making changes and seeing continual progress, even months after initially beginning the artistic process, gives the performer such a wonderful feeling; he is able to feel that he is constantly finding new meanings in the works, and that the pieces still have significance to him. We were able to do this throughout the day, even when tired, and all in all it made us aware of the areas that still need a bit of work, and brought us back into the right mindset.

Reflection on the meaning of our program, and the most effective way to share this message with our audiences is something that we will all do throughout these next ten days. As we close out our first full day of travel, I will share two more Today I will… statements from our two favorite Oregonians in the choir, first year graduate conducting major Alex Simon, and Junior vocal performance major McKenzie Smith.

Today I will be the best possible version of myself.
– Alex

Today I will enjoy my surroundings.
 – McKenzie

— Scott

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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