2014 Tour: Tulsa

Greetings from the first couple of days of Westminster Choir tour! This year, our tour leads us to Tulsa and Oklahoma City, OK; and Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, and Houston, TX. With wonderful performances and workshops with area high schools, our tour is bound to be one full of great times and memorable adventures. And with that in mind…

For this post, I’ve combined the first two days of tour, given the travel adventures we’ve had over the past two days. One of the biggest surprises was our flight to Tulsa. Half of the choir was put on a United Airlines flight with a layover in Houston, while the other half had a layover in Chicago. Unfortunately, due to the wild winter weather found across the continental United States, the flight from Chicago to Tulsa was cancelled. This half of the choir was stranded in Chicago for an evening, while the other half made it to Tulsa safely. I’ll be speaking for the group who made it safely to Tulsa – both flights were enjoyable, with a quick dinner at a Chili’s with tenor and graduate assistant Matt Brady, tenor Justin Su’esu,e, and alto Emily Sung. Our flight to Tulsa via Houston was on the smallest plane possible!
We were greeted with open arms by our bus driver Rich, who told us that, over the course of many years he has driven for Westminster Choir College tours, this drive was the worst ever. We nestled safely in our hotel, walked around the quiet downtown, and capped off our evening with some sushi nearby. Traveling wears out the body and the soul, but great company provides beautiful rest and reprieve.

The second day brought a few more complications. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the first two high school workshops because half the choir was stuck in Chicago. Those of us in Tulsa had a relaxed morning. We met in the lobby at 1:15 p.m. and rode the bus to the airport to pick up the rest of the choir. We waited about an hour due to delays coming out of Chicago: choir members brought coffee, we popped in a few episodes of Planet Earth, and we patiently waited for our choir family to join us. At 2:45 p.m., we were back together again!




We drove to a nearby mall where we had a quick bite to eat, then went to Memorial High School for an hour-long rehearsal.


After rehearsal, we came back to the hotel and divided for dinner. A group of us went out to a local club to partake in socializing and dancing to celebrate a great day. Tomorrow brings our first performance and home stay. I’m looking forward to reporting about our first performance. 

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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One Response to 2014 Tour: Tulsa

  1. I just came home from a most amazing concert with the Westminster Choir in Tulsa OK. (January 10) I have been around choir music all my life (in Germany and the US), but this choir and the music it performed will stand out in enchanting ways. I want to thank the conductor and all the choir members for a mesmerizing experience.. Thank you so much. T. Thorisch

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