Spoleto Festival USA: June 2, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Westminster Choir Basses of 2012-2013

Will Berman
Voice Pedagogy and Performance, 2013

  • Favorite Charleston Restaurant: FIG
  • If you were any animal: I’d be a hummingbird because I never stay in one place for very long and I love to sing.
  • Favorite Spoleto memory:  The Westminster Choir concerts.  I’ll never forget singing for so many people who adore and deeply understand our choir’s mission. 

Ryan Brown
BM, Music Education, 2014

  • Favorite Charleston Restaurant: Eli’s Table
  • If you were any animal: I’d be an anteater – life’s about the little things. 
  • Favorite Spoleto memory: Watching dolphins at the dock! 😀 

Myles K Glancy
MM, Voice Performance and Pedagogy 2013

  • Favorite Charleston restaurant: Slightly North of Broad 
  • If you were any animal: I’d be a dolphin, because, I mean, come ON.
  • Favorite Spoleto memory: Witnessing the conducting grads getting drenched in an outdoor fountain while fully clothed.  What a sight to see. 

Tom Chang-Wei Lin
MM, Choral Conducting 2013

  • Favorite Charleston Restaurant:  Pearlz
  • If you were any animal: I would be a dolphin.  They are adorable they are fun, they are smart, they get to eat as much sashimi as they want, and they can outswim sharks. Also, they can get as much sunlight as they want without needing to worry about getting burned. 
  • Favorite Spoleto memory:  Westminster Choir singing a kick-ass Happy Birthday rendition on my birthday.

John Joseph Floyd II
BM, Music Education 2013

  • Favorite Charleston Restaurant:  Hall’s Chop House
  • If you were any animal:  I would be a tiger – stealth, skill, and beauty.
  • Favorite Spoleto memory:  Body surfing with Dr. Miller at the beach party on the Isle of Palms. 

John Irving
MM, Choral Conducting, 2014

  • Favorite Charleston Restaurant: Sunday brunch at Husk because of their maple glazed pig ears with french toast! Mmmmm…
  • If you were any animal: I’d be an English Bulldog because I’m charmingly stubborn!
  • Favorite Spoleto memory: Early morning running groups ending at Black Tap for pour-over coffee and a crossword puzzle.

Andrew Maggio
BM, Music Education 2014

  • Favorite Charleston Restaurant: Nick’s BBQ because of their collard greens.  They’re done right. 
  • If you were any animal: I’d be a teddy bear because I’m cuddly and I protect people.
  • Favorite  Spoleto memory: Sitting on the pier at 3:00 am with some friends and harmonizing some music. 

Trevor Sands
BM, Music Education; Voice 2015

  • Favorite Charleston Restaurant: Hominy Grill – bass brunch!
  • If you were any animal: I’d be a polar bear because I am warm and large. 
  • Favorite Spoleto memory: Sitting on the swings on the dock during a massive thunderstorm.

Sergey Tkachenko
BM, Music Education; Piano 2014

  • Favorite Charleston Restaurant: Fleet Landing; their shrimp and grits are unparalleled! 
  • If you were any animal: I’d be a wolf. They’re just the right balance between frightening and gracious.
  • Favorite Spoleto memory: Skinny dipping at night on Sullivan’s Island

Brandon Waddles
MM, Voice Pedagogy and Performance 2013

  • Favorite Charleston restaurant: Martha Lou’s Soul Food Kitchen
  • If you were any animal: I’d be an owl…big head. 
  • Favorite Spoleto memory: Out on the beach at Sullivan’s Island in the middle of the night. Enjoying the beauty of the earth. 

(Not listed:  Drew Lusher, Michael Spaziani)


Left to right: John Irving, Trevor Sands, Tom Chang-Wei Lin, Andrew Maggio, Sergey Tkachenko, Michael Spaziani, Ryan Brown, Brandon Waddles, Will Berman, John Floyd, Myles Glancy, Drew Lusher

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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