Spoleto Festival USA: June 1, 2013


“Ladybases” left to Right: Erinn Sensenig, Katerina Nowik, Elizabeth Hermanson, Mary Hewlett, Lena Andreala, Vivian Suen, Anne Marie Stanley, Magdalena Delgado, Jordan Saul, Gillian Hurst

Today was an especially good eating day.  Our section leaders (Katy Lushman, soprano; Elizabeth Hermanson, alto; John Hudson, tenor; John Irving, bass) made reservations for each voice part to enjoy a brunch together.  The sopranos went to Eli’s Table, the tenors to Two Boroughs Larder, the basses to Hominy Grill and the altos to Poogan’s Porch.

The food was, of course, wonderful and butter-laden (really, those are interchangeable descriptors), and after toasting to a successful year for the ‘Ladybasses,’ we went back to the dorms long enough to take a nap to prepare for our lunch with Dr. Flummerfelt.

About an hour later, most of the choir was at Leaf, another excellent Charleston restaurant across the street from the Memminger Auditorium (one of the outstanding performance spaces utilized by the Spoleto Festival, and a possible location for a choral performance next year).  The staff at Leaf was so accommodating to us last year when we asked to bring a giant group in for lunch with very little notice, and this year was even better.  They arranged a three-course meal (salad, entrée, dessert) for a set price, and sweet tea flowed freely.  Our tables were arranged like a capital L disconnected at the meeting joint, and Dr. Flummerfelt sat at the head of the longer table.  It was generous of him to share his time with us – he is always busy for the festival, but especially this year after having announced his retirement.  The current Westminster Choir members were happy to have some personal conversations with Flum – to ask questions about his life in choral music, his memories of the festival, his time at Westminster.  The current choir is very aware that we are a part of a historic performance, and that being a part of Dr. Flummerfelt’s final performance is an exceptional and extraordinary experience.

After lunch, it was time for Kyle and me to take Drew and Liz to the airport.  It was sad to see our partners off, but we were so happy to get to share Charleston and Spoleto (and the food!) with them this year.  When Kyle and I returned to our suite, we were a little sad so it made sense to play video games together for a little while before joining other choir members for evening activities.

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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