Spoleto Festival USA: May 21, 2013

Here is a little more about the sopranos in Mese Mariano and Le Villi:

Christianna Barnard, BM Sacred Music, 2015

  • Favorite Charleston restaurant: Gaularn and Maliclet because it manages to be classic yet understated simultaneously.  Like Audrey Hepburn, but edible.
  • If I were a color: Cerulean because it is unexpected but makes a good crayon.
  • Favorite Spoleto moment so far: Tie between walks by the Battery and poetry readings with Gillian, Drew and Josh

Allie Faulkner, MM Voice Performance and Pedagogy, 2013

  • Favorite Charleston restaurant: Pearlz Oyster Bar, because of the oyster shooters!
  • If I were a color: I would be teal it is the color of the ocean and pensive.
  • Favorite Spoleto moment so far: The first time that the Maestro (for the operas) ever told us ‘Brava’

Nicole Fragala, BM Voice Performance, 2014

  • Favorite Charleston restaurant: Taziki’s.  I could eat there every single day.
  • If I were a color: Yellow, because I am optimistic and positive and see the bright side, or at least try to. 
  • Favorite Spoleto moment so far:  Playing in the ocean with the choir at Sullivan’s Island

Kathleen Maguire Lushman, MM Choral Conducting, 2013

  • Favorite Charleston restaurant: Gaulart & Maliclet for their lunch special (soup, sandwich and wine for $9)
  • If I were a color: Green because it is the color of the earth and is the healthiest. 
  • Favorite Spoleto moment so far: 8 a.m. run-day fun-days – getting to give running a try and alternating with fun activities like Zumba with Sway (tenor Justin Su’esu’e)

Jane Meditz, BM Sacred Music, 2014

  • Favorite Charleston restaurant: Jestine’s, because the chocolate coca-cola pie is unbelievable.
  • If I were a color: I would be maroon because I think on a deep level all the time.
  • Favorite Spoleto moment so far: My favorite was when we sang the Holst Nunc Dimitis for the first time in a long time. 

Allison Miller, BM Music Education, 2014

  • Favorite Charleston restaurant: Toast, because I really like breakfast
  • If I were a color: I would be deep purple because it’s a compassionate color and I try to always look out for people. 
  • Favorite Spoleto moment so far: Beach day

Maggie Montoney, BM Music, 2014

  • Favorite Charleston restaurant: Toast, because I went with Allison this one time and it was fun. 
  • If I were a color: I would say violet because I am compassionate and inquisitive.
  • Favorite Spoleto moment so far: Probably romantic walks at night with Drew. 

Shari Perman, BM Voice Performance, 2013

  • Favorite Charleston restaurant: Pearlz Oyster Bar, because of the great raw oysters
  • If I were a color: Mint because it is subtle and classic but can be flashy
  • Favorite Spoleto moment so far: When Pigi (the assistant director of the operas and choreographer) ran up to me with open arms and I expected a hug, and instead he pinched my cheeks

Left to right
Standing: Jane Meditz, Kathleen Maguire Lushman
Seated: Allison Miller, Nicole Fragala, Shari Perman, Christianna Barnard, Maggie Montoney
Floor: Allie Faulkner

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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