January 14, 2013

Tour Day 6

We woke on day six to a lovely Minnesota winter morning (re: COLD!!!).   After a delicious breakfast together at the hotel, we headed to the Main Street School of the Performing Arts in Hopkins, Minn., for a workshop.  After we sang some of our pieces for the choir, they set up a cadre of steel drums and performed four movements from the St. Francis Mass.  We sang a little more, and after the workshop shared a lunch with the students.  At every table, members of the Westminster Choir and members of the Main Street School choir chatted, swapping musical stories and memories.  I was sitting with Kyle Van Schoonhoven, Allie Faulkner, and Johnny Wilson from the WC, and Bevvy, Madison, Sam, Hannah, and Austin from MSS.  We had some good laughs, though my favorite quote of the day came from a different table, from Maggie Montoney (soprano in Westminster Choir.)  One of the MSS students asked about what it was like at Westminster, and Maggie responded:

“Our school is so small, when you are in the bathroom you can look under the stall and tell who is next to you just by the shoes they are wearing.”

We left the workshop and progressed on to Wayzata Community Church.  This large church was yet another lovely place to sing, with a pleasing acoustic that helped the singing feel easy.  Our rehearsal was productive, though our collective energy was slightly less than 100 percent.  The entire choir perked right up though, after learning that many members of the St. Olaf Choir would be in attendance at the concert.  Both schools, Westminster and St. Olaf, have rich legacies of choral excellence, and are mutually supportive of each other’s pursuit of effective, stylistic communication through singing.  Knowing that we would have so many discerning, supportive ears in the audience brought a special spark to the performance, and the entirety of the audience left us feeling so very loved.

The concert was recorded by Minnesota Public Radio, and will eventually be broadcast and available online for your listening pleasure.  I will share that link on this blog when it becomes available.

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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