November 5, 2012

I moved to New Jersey in August of 2011, after spending the majority of my life in Arizona.  Within the first couple months of my residency here, there was an earthquake and a hurricane that brought along a couple tornados just for flavor.   Westminster students from this area of the country assured me this was unusual, and that the only reason the basement of my apartment building was flooded was because it had also been an unusually wet summer.  I took it in stride and used it as an excuse to buy some really fabulous rain boots (not something I ever needed in the desert.)  Then it snowed on Halloween, and again I heard about how unusual it was to have this type of weather, to which I again responded by purchasing footwear (fuzzy snow boots this time.)  The winter was delightfully mild, which suited my Southwestern driving skills quite nicely.

And now, another hurricane, this one far more damaging and disruptive to daily life.  (I have not yet bought new shoes for this one.) Trees were felled on our campus, and power was out for days.  Classes and all activities were canceled for the entire week, and our ‘Intermezzo’ (a three day weekend) changed from a short break spent mostly on homework to a week with time to recharge (unless of course you were without power, in which case you recharged at a friend’s house.)  As evidenced by Facebook posts, the Westminster student body was about 70% appreciative of the free time, and about 30% anxious about the missed rehearsals.

Today was our first day back to class, and it was heart-warming and energizing to see friends greet one another as if they had been apart for much longer than a week.  It was right back to business as usual, except for the handful of concerts and numerous recitals that had to be rescheduled.  Dr. Miller called an emergency Westminster Choir rehearsal for Sunday evening, which proved fruitful and set our minds even more solidly on our upcoming concert (it is November 11th – right around the corner).   Today’s rehearsal was equally productive.  There is a lot of work to do and very little time to do it, but every individual member is taking responsibility for herself or himself so that no one voice need carry a section.

There hasn’t been much talk of politics on our campus, though there have been many initiatives to make sure students are all registered to vote.  I suspect that people will be up late on Tuesday night to watch the election results, and then noses will be firmly pressed to the musical grindstones come Wednesday morning.

P.S.  Yes, it was a late night on Tuesday, but back to work Wednesday.

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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