June 6, 2012

Today, the Westminster Choir of 201-2012 will take part in a 30-year-old Spoleto tradition – a beach party!!  About 30 years ago, the Reahard family purchased the Westminster Choir at an auction, brought the choir out to their beautiful beach home, served them dinner with their family, and the choir then ‘sang for their supper.’  This relationship has thrived, and every year while in Spoleto, the family throws a beach party with great food for the choir, and then we share music.  The children of the family have very literally grown up with the Westminster Choir, and are now having families of their own.  There were three generations of the family in attendance at the party, and they were engaging and so warm.


Choir kid beach art.


Choir kid beach art (with a helper from the Reahard family!)


Pyramid! Bottom row: Giancarlo D’Elia, Kyle Van Schoonhoven, Andrew Maggio, Dr. Joe Miller
Middle row: Michael Bennett, Anna Lenti, Jewel Aagaard
Top row: Gillian Hurst, Elizabeth Hermanson, Jordan Saul

We were back to Charleston in just enough time to see another performance (it was either make the curtain or wash the salt water out of my hair – you  know where my priorities lie!).  Showing at Memminger Auditorium was A Crack in Everything produced by the zoe | juniper company.   This is a very difficult piece to describe; this is from the Spoleto program:

“An experiment in permeability and containment, aggression and catharsis,  A Crack in Everything seeks to expand and examine the liminal space between action-reaction, cause-effect, and before-after.  The installation and performance are meditations on moments that divide people’s lives into these linear experiences of time and how our memory creates its own separate physical life, space, and time.”

It was stimulating to follow the show with food and drinks at Social, and talk about what we all saw or didn’t see, felt or didn’t feel, as we watched the dancers perform.  The show had enough structure and recurring symbols that any observer was free to follow their own ideas and find evidence for them throughout the performance.  As we talked and continued to explore interpretations, I thought (yet again!) about how fortunate we are to experience provocative art that stretches our conceptions of what is possible, and then unpack new ideas with other artists.  Spoleto is sort of paradise.

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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