June 5, 2012

Our concert with Dr. Flummerfelt was today, and it was a very special experience.  He gave so much of himself to the ensembles, that we were all inspired to want to give back to him.  The audience was appreciative – many of them have followed Dr. Flummerfelt and attended his concerts for decades.  It is humbling to be a part of a legacy of music that has such a wealth of history and artistry, and one that continues to evolve and thrive because of the richness of its past.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your Westminster Choir Basses.  Gentlemen, tell us your name, year, and major, what you will miss about Charleston, what three things you would do on a day off, what super-power you would choose and why, and your favorite Spoleto memory:

Ryan Brown, 2014, BM Music Education
What you will miss: I will miss walking around the clock.
On a day off: Go shopping, get gelato and take a tour of the city
Superpower: Perfect pitch so I wouldn’t need a tuning fork
Favorite Spoleto memory: the Howell’s concert with the string quartet

Giancarlo D’Elia, 2012, BM Voice Performance
What you will miss: I will miss performing with everyone!
On a day off: Folly Beach, Hominy Grill and Chamber Music at the Dock Street Theatre
Superpower: Telekinesis – to move the table in Kepler
Favorite Spoleto memory: Fried cheese grits

Daniel Elder, 2012, MM Composition
What you will miss: eating and walking
On a day off: Walk to the park by the battery and write music (or sleep), eat more than 3 meals (in a day), go to the beach (hopefully with sunscreen)
Superpower: Ability to read minds, because I like to understand people and relationships
Favorite Spoleto memory: Seeing our opera collaborators in the audience of our concerts

John Joseph Floyd II, 2013, BM Music Education
What you will miss:  I will miss the food.
On a day off: beach, sleep and concerts
Superpower: Instant teleportation because I’d be so fast…
Favorite Spoleto memory: Meeting Philip Glass!

Andrew Lusher, 2014, BM Music Education
What you will miss: the charming homes
On a day off: sleep, read and chamber music
Superpower: the ability to sight-read
Favorite Spoleto memory: Stargazing at the harbor with Maggie

Myles K. Glancy, 2013, MM Voice Performance/Pedagogy
What you will miss: Noms.
On a day off: walk down King, eat like a king and sleep
Superpower: I would fly.  I was Peter Pan in a past life.
Favorite Spoleto memory: “Who’s Dalton?”

Andrew Maggio, 2014, BM Music Education
What you will miss: The awesome food!
On a day off: read a book, hang out with friends and play some Smash
Superpower: I’d choose control over the weather so I could make it be perfect weather all the time (SNOW!)
Favorite Spoleto memory: Getting cut from every part in the opera!

Brandon Waddles, 2013, MM Voice Performance/Pedagogy
What you will miss: As Myles has stated….NOMS!
On a day off: eating, drinking and concerting (yes, concerting)
Superpower: The powers of Magneto..and the helmet and cape.
Favorite Spoleto memory: Every evening spent with my amazing suitemates

William Vallandigham, 2012, MM Voice Pedagogy/Performance
What you will miss: food and smells
On a day off: Go to the beach, try to get lost in the city and go to concerts
Superpower: Wolverine’s regeneration because… well…who wouldn’t want it?
Favorite Spoleto memory: the faint glimmer of being Templar Knights


Westminster Choir College, basses
Back row: Andrew Maggio, John Joseph Floyd II, Daniel Elder
Middle row: Giancarlo D’Elia, Ryan Brown, Brandon Waddles
Front Row: Myles Glancy, Andrew Lusher, William Vallandigham

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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