May 22, 2012

So…remember how I mentioned the we didn’t sing for the Wandelprobes?  I was completely wrong.  We sang, and sang, and sang some more.  The rehearsals were grueling not for the physical energy, but the mental energy required to stand still and wait for long stretches while any technical issues were address.  Then, we had to snap to and perform at our highest levels – zero to 100 in less than 30 seconds.  It was tiring but fun, and a very educational glimpse into the not-so-glamorous side of professional rehearsals.

Meet the sopranos! Ladies, please tell us your name, graduation year and major, your favorite restaurant in Charleston, three words to describe yourself, what animal you would be and why, and your favorite Spoleto memory so far:

Misha Barker, 2012; BM Music Education
Restaurant: Virginia’s – cheese grits!
3 words: affectionate, passionate, impulsive
Animal: I would be a puppy because they are cuddly and playful.
Spoleto memory: Playing in the rain….and rehearsal.

Alexa Cotrell, 2012; BM Voice Performance
Restaurant: Jestine’s
3 words: passionate, energetic, sassy
Animal: I would be a monkey, but a cute one, because I’m loud and crazy.
Spoleto memory: BLOOD PACKS!

Michelle DiBona, 2012; MM Choral Conducting
Restaurant: Gaulart et Maliclet Café – the lunch special comes with iced tea or wine!
3 words: grateful, spunky, thoughtful
Animal: I would like to be a rabbit because I eat a lot of carrots and greens.
Spoleto memory: The Sitzprobe – being able to see the orchestra and sing with them, and the thumb rolls on the tambourine!

Lisa Diver, 2012; MM Choral Conducting
Restaurant: Hominy Grill
3 words: giving, funny, energetic
Animal: I would be a kangaroo because they jump and because Sam says we have similar personalities.
Spoleto memory: Tandem bike riding with Mark

Madeline Apple Healey, 2013; MM Voice Performance
Restaurant: Jestine’s
3 words: observant, quirky, thoughtful
Animal: I would be a mouse with big ears.
Spoleto memory: Sitzprobe

Anna Lenti, 2013: MM Choral Conducting
Restaurant: Virginia’s
3 words: passionate, helpful, energetic
Animal: If I were an animal, I would be an otter because I love the water and I love otters.  I am a social creature who is protective  of my group of friends and family.
Spoleto memory: The first attempt at the blood packs!

Katy Lushman, 2013; MM Choral Conducting
Restaurant: O’Hara and Flynn Wine Bar
3 words: optimistic, organized, balanced
Animal: I would be some sort of bird who likes to sing and nest.
Spoleto memory: Lisa and Mark doing their chainmail dance backstage.

Allison Miller, 2014: BM Music Education
Restaurant: Haven’t decided yet
3 words: loving, perfectionist, passionate
Animal: A bird because I need to fly!
Spoleto memory: Picnicking at parks for lunch.

Maggie Montoney, 2014: BM Music Education
Restaurant: Still discovering!
3 words: passionate, curious, trying
Animal: A songbird, because they are free to fly anywhere!
Spoleto memory: Star gazing at the docks with Drew.

Shari Perman, 2013; BM Voice Performance
Restaurant: Hominy Grill
3 words: affectionate, driven, caring
Animal: I would be a golden retriever because they are playful.
Spoleto memory: My gory death on stage!


Westminster Choir Sopranos (Left to right):
Front Row: Allison Miller, Lisa Diver, Michelle Di Bona, Madeline Apple Healey, and Maggie Montoney
Middle Row: Anna Lenti, Alexa Cotrell, and Shari Perman
Back Row: Misha Barker, and Katy Lushman

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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