Tuesday January 3rd

Today the choir rehearsed in preparation for our departure tomorrow to the south! Rehearsal started at 10 am in the Playhouse. While the rest of the campus seemed still on this crisp morning, all 46 of the choir members [well 45, one of the basses was rather tardy] and Dr. Miller regrouped. It was great to see everyone after a few weeks. Its been almost a month since we’ve sung together, so it took a few minutes to remember what that’s like.

After warmup by our wonderful GA, Stephanie Council, we started at the top of the program with the Weelkes. It brought back some…interesting….memories from last semester. One of the biggest challenges of the choir is having to memorize the entire program before November. The Weelkes was the first on the memorization goal list. When you sing something with 12 other people in your section, it’s much easier to remember what comes next. But, when its just you on your part, its a whole different ball game. So one September rehearsal Dr. Miller has us line up so that there is one person to a part, a form of quartet testing. And with my luck, I was the first bass to sing. It did not go well at all. I was embarrassed and was kicking myself in the butt because it was awful, I didn’t know most of the piece on my own. So after going sweater shopping to lift my spirits, I went right to the practice room. Since then I have been on top of my memorization goals and thus spend my life doing what it takes to learn my music. So it was a needed reality check. I do think that having all of the music memorized allows us to internalize the piece and really take the artistry to the next level.

After the Weelkes, we continued with the program. Finally at 4:30 pm, we were let out early. I am excited. I am all packed. I managed to fit two garment bags worth of stuff into one. I only have one large suitcase. Then I have a huge camera backpack for my camera and electronics. And then I have a duffle bag for my bus snacks, knitting supplies and Agatha Christie novels for the ride.

The bus call time is 8:30 tomorrow morning. I am aiming to be by the bus as close to 8 as possible. I like to be able to choose my row of seats. And for a 10 hour bus ride, it’s a very important decision.

I would like to make a quick shout out for Lisa Diver, who is a soprano in the choir, and in my quartet [number 2, the best]. She mentioned she is graduating this year with her master’s degree in conducting and would really like a job.

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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