Orlando / Jacksonville

For our second performance we traveled to downtown Orlando to the First Methodist Church. The area of the town where the church is located is gorgeous but oddly unpopulated. It made for a hard time finding coffee before the concert.

We rehearsed in the beautiful space for quite a while to get adjusted to the incredibly large acoustic. Dr. Miller had the choir split-up into sectionals for about twenty minutes for some more work.

The concert was quite good and the choir made improvements in even more places. My partner, Brandon, with whom I share a part with on the Mahler, was sick last night so I had to sing it alone. It was nerve racking trying to balance with the rest of the choir, but I think it came out well. There were a lot of alumni in the audience including the daughter of Westminster founder John Finley Williamson. It made the Lutkin extra special.

This morning we left our homestays to head to Freedom High School where we performed and got to hear their incredible choir. Justine gave us an incredible Jazzercise warm-up before the clinic this morning.

Their director was inspiring and the spirit of the choir was immense. We got to meet the singers for lunch and we clicked with them immediately. They embody many of the same ideals as Westminster Choir in both sound and personality. We headed to Jacksonville with high spirits and an extremely hyper mood…

We had our third concert tonight at Jacoby Symphony Hall in Jacksonville as joint performance with the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus. It was definitely our strongest performance of the tour.

It was incredible to hear the overtones in such a warm hall. The Mäntyjärvi just shimmered and filled the space. During intermission we got to hear the Children’s Chorus who gave a fantastic performance. After they sang, we finished our program. At the end of the performance the Children’s Chorus joined us on stage to sing the Lutkin. It was a very memorable day!

– Dan

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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  1. Mimi says:

    bohemian rhapsody is the coolest thing to ever do on a bus. ever.

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