Headin’ North

Our first concert was incredible! And despite that there were some members of the choir that were feeling ill, we came through and gave a what I thought was remarkable performance.

We arrived at the first Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale in the afternoon after I made my last post. It was nice to get some relaxing time on the beach (again). In rehearsal, we locked down a lot of things. The Bach finally clicked and was definitely the strongest we have sang as an ensemble all year. After some recreation in our dressing room – filled with a big screen TV, xbox, a ping pong table and other “toys” – the church served us an incredible dinner by their ‘staff chef’. Then we got suited up and sang the concert.

After the concert the men of the choir helped to put the church back in order and then met-up with our homestays. While we were stacking chairs back in the choir we received many thank you’s and positive responses. Mike, Marcus, Kang Noh and I had a really sweet homestay who was an Oberlin graduate and sang in many musical theater performances throughout the country. We stayed up late talking about music and the concert we had just sang.

Bright and early we got up to make our way to Orlando where we spent the entire day at Disney World. It was my first time and, despite everyone telling me that I HAD to go to Magic Kingdom for my first time, I rebelled and went to Epcot instead. I’m glad I did. Meredyth, Chad, Derrick and myself, spent the day exploring the different countries throughout the park and enjoyed the many futuristic rides the park had to offer.

Today, we are staying in Orlando for our second concert at First United Methodist Church of Orlando. Tomorrow, we give our second workshop at Freedom High School in Orlando before heading off to Jacksonville for an extra special concert with the Jacksonville Children’s Choir.

– Dan

About Westminster Choir

Westminster Choir is composed of students at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, a center for music study in Princeton, N.J.
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3 Responses to Headin’ North

  1. Mimi says:

    Ah! I’m so glad your first concert went so well!!! I hope everyone feels great!! And you’re right about Epcot, it’s for sure the best place at Disneyworld!

  2. We were so glad to hear you all perform at First Pres on Friday night. In addition to putting on an amazing concert performance, it was also a wonderful evening to connect with the choral community of South Florida. Singers and directors from a number of the major choirs in South Florida were there, including the Master Chorale of South Florida, Nova Singers, The Girl Choir of South Florida, Florida’s Singing Sons Boychoir, the Dreyfoos School of the Arts, and more.

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful opportunity not only to enjoy your wonderful music, but also for reinforcing the connections across the choirs of our region.

    Bravo, and good luck on the rest of your tour!

  3. Dianne F. Kennedy says:

    I am really enjoying the updates on the choir tour. Daniel, you are doing a great job and everything sounds so upbeat and exciting! Thanks for taking time to give daily details of your concert and other fun events between performances. How exciting to get to travel and bring such beautiful music to others. Enjoy, as I can tell you all do!!!!!

    Dianne Kennedy

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